On my Bucket list: Have puppies

It probably seems a weird item to have on your bucket list, for most people its to travel, to climb a mountain or accomplish a career goal; but for me, I never heard of this idea of a bucket list until just a few years ago and so I set myself a difficult but attainable goal. At the time I rented so just having 1 dog was difficult, never mind more…renting and animals, even cats, do not mix where I live. Landlords okay with animals are few and far between and its going to cost you double as a renter.


So life was looking up and sadly my dog past away.  I was devastated.  The years flew by and my partner and beloved Sprite died of old age at 15.  I had no idea the extent of daily comfort I received from her until her loss.  She was my rock when I felt like the sea had no shore.

After some time had passed I realized I needed a new puppy, both for my personal happiness and so I could reach my goal.

Let me introduce you to my beautiful dogs:

Ceana, pronounced “Keena” in Gaelic

Ceana is full of energy, she is always up for an adventure, and she is so graceful that she practically floats across the ground.  As I walk the trails she leaps and explores all through the bush, shes very curious and an excellent listener always responds to commands right away; both dogs respond to verbal commands as well as hand signals.  I made up my own hand signals for on the trial because she runs so fast my voice doesn’t carry, but Ceana will always check back to see that I am there and when she sees my hand up, turns herself around and comes to sit at my feet.


Meeko is a lover, every 2 minutes he will lay his head on some part of your body looking for loves, hugs and kisses.  Due to this behaviour he is slow to respond to commands as he has learned that people will say no or off but if he leaves his head there long enough with those beseeching eyes…it never fails to bring on the loves.  Unlike Ceana he lumbers down the trail like grizzly bear.  He lopes along and likes a good rest and he keeps up with Ceana but only because she does it first and he won’t be left behind. He works for cuddles, Ceana eagerly awaits a treat and he would rather have a hug or a belly rub. He’s got an incredible jump though, when we are traveling he is to impatient to wait for the tailgate and from a sitting position leaps into the bed of our truck.