March 6th 2017 we were honored to receive the gift of 8 healthy puppies

At 2:08 am Abigail came into the world.  She was dropped on the floor beside our bed. Ceana hid under the bed where she likes to sleep and left baby there.  We coaxed her out and showed the puppy still encased in the amniotic sac where it lay on the floor and she curled herself into a ball between Pete’s legs looking for comfort.  A few cuddles and more coaxing and she curled up onto her bed she couldn’t be coaxed to come back to the baby.  I picked up baby and brought it too her and Ceana started to lick. A huge sigh of relief for us, I had prepped everything I needed to feed an unwanted puppy but thankfully the old adage is true: if your prepared it won’t happen.

She kept preventing the puppy from being able to latch at first, I was told to not interfere unless absolutely necessary but after a half hour I gently put my hand against Ceana’s head and blocked her from unlatching the puppy.  She tolerated my interference quite well and by the third puppy she was letting them all nurse and was becoming a pro at motherhood.  She laboured until 7:28 am.  By the time the last one was born I think that the first one had nursed 3 times.