Moving her to the whelping bed

After being up all night, my husband kindly took our son to school and I proceeded to sleep until three.  I woke up and Ceana was tired but happy and I realized I have a mess to clean up.  The whelping bed we had built was not where the whelping took place.  As I think the whole process of giving birth had frightened Ceana at first we never considered moving her.  We left her in our room that was familiar and comfortable.

Every dog towel I had been used, was smelly, and the mess had soaked through the dog bed and into the carpet.  At this point I could hear my mother’s voice in my head saying; “this is what you wanted” and I smiled to myself and is.

We have 8 healthy puppies, Ceana is healthy and feeling good and she looks content with the situation, I have no regrets and with that, I set about moving the whelping bed.

I changed my mind.  My dogs go everywhere with me.  I go to the bathroom Meeko opens the door, I do laundry he’s up and down the stairs with me.  I shake the sheet he grabs and pulls. I do the dishes he lays at my feet.  Ceana can’t open doors but she sits and stands and looks at me, waiting for, what we are doing next?  It’s true I sometimes turn around and trip over them both and ask why? But I see concern in Ceana’s eyes and affection in Meeko and I think; why not, and smile.

So the whelping bed is in the dining room in the centre of all things.  My husband works at home and she has company all day.  She can see him and me at all times every trip up or down the stairs she is the center of attention.  So far she’s happy.  I think putting her away from us when she normally is our constant companion would do more harm than good.  Her sleeping day time spot under my husband’s feet while he works is visible to her and now she is reassured that no other animal in the house has taken her spot.