Puppies are wonderful

left to right…Grace, Grace has her head on top of Carson, the head touching Graces head is Brom, Brom is on top of Abigail.  The bum underneath Brom and Abigail is Dax. Next bum starting from the left is Heather, Freya ‘s head is on top of her and at the top is Eva

Six days old and surprisingly noisy.  They suckle loudly like a human baby and it’s quite endearing, it’s brought back many memories of when mine were new born.  My youngest son can’t wait until they open there eyes but I can’t help but treasure every moment.  Already they are almost double the size they used to be and each day they change in some small way.  Many of the puppies are getting spots they didn’t have before.  Some white spots have appeared on there backs and some black spots on there nose and muzzles.  Today I took away the heat pad as they were no longer using it, they can consistently be found in a little dog pile or in two puddles.  Except Carson, the little devil has disappeared several times, he likes to burrow deep underneath and he frequently gets stepped on by mom.  I had a comforter tucked in the whelping bed but have switched to a bed of hay and two throws.  Much easier to shake out the blankets and locate our missing little man.  Today I finally got the pictures up on the bed so that every time my husband or the kids share some new little milestone they have made we know which one it is.  Already they have their own distinct personalities

Its funny how they consistently have similar partners, Abigail, Brom, Carson and Eva sleeping close together and you find Freya, Grace and Heather.  And of course Dax who often stretches out on his own.  He takes after his dad and gets too hot.