One week old



So Abigail was the easiest puppy to photograph, we moved her and she snuggled into the blanket and never moved a muscle.  I wish the others were that easy!  My husband and I have never bickered more, I keep telling him to be patient babies; even puppies, do not do things on other peoples schedule.  He never had kids of his own so in a way this is an eye opener for him.  I never thought of measuring them before, I was going to weigh them initially but I never got around to finding that scale buried deep in our garage. Oh Well!



A little gentle petting and we manged to get a decent photo, none are perfect so be patient but it does give you an idea of how big they are.



The little man just wanted to keep looking for that under the blanket spot.



His little ears perked forward and then he was seeking for attention



This one was too cute couldn’t leave it out.20170313_231535


Eva pretty much slept through the whole thing, very much like Abigail.




Freya was having none of it we must have took 30 photos and no matter what she was picking herself up and looking for litter mates? Or just exporing?  I have a feeling shes going to be adventurous.



Grace and Carson often get confused.  She has the narrowest of the white blazes and is getting little black spots all over her nose.  Notice her ears are also starting to flop forward like Dads.20170313_23422820170313_232719

She wouldn’t cooperate, we had to change sides for the tape and she wouldn’t hold still till I put my hand out and then she went to sleep.


Similair to her sister Freya, she just would not hold still.  Finally I left my hand in these photos as well as I fear my husband was losing his patience.



Finally the decent ones LOL20170313_23311320170313_233116

Heather is often a noisy one, we pick her up I think a little more frequently than the others, she loves to be touched.