Dax: Its a Boy!


Born 5:13 am March 6th 2017

Dax so far is most like his Daddy, he has black spot on the top of his head and both ears have similair black markings.  He is also the little piggy of the bunch.  We almost named Meeko piglet because of his snorting at the bowl.  When Meeko was a puppy he would eat and eat and then throw up and poop everywhere.  He was born on a farm with 3 litters of similair ages and we thought if we just let him eat after a few weeks he would learn he doesn’t have to compete for food.  We gave up and almost changed his name to Piglet.  With his pink rimmed eyes and white face and the snorting, if you look in the slide show pictures you’ll see a younger version of Meeko where he spread his legs wide to eat with his whole head in the bowl.  Dax is similair, I fed Ceana one day in the whelping bed and when I returned Ceana wasn’t eating but Dax was head first in the bowl with his legs spread.  Of course by the time I came back with the camera he was snuffling at mom and out of the bowl.  He and Eva came out together but for their shakey entrance into the world both are 2 of the fatest puppies.  He is the only puppy with both parents back marking.

Pictures taken March 6th


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