Freya: Its a Girl!


Born 5:55 am March 6th 2017

Freya is a fast one, she was the first puppy to push up her hind legs and get her belly off the blanket.  She can often be found on top of the nursing pile, shes so eager to get there that she pushes up and flips herself upside down to nurse.  I have attempted to turn her over but she is latched on so well that you can’t even turn her.  She looks like she may have floppy ears like her Dad.  She can also be caught sleeping like her dad on her back until she gets cold.  I have tried to catch it with the camera but no such luck so far.

Meekos sleep position every night, almost all night

She has lots of personality and squaks at her siblings all the time.

Pictures taken March 6th


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